Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We found the heron rookery in Kenmore!
So many herons!
I continue to practice being awake
and in the "now"
and was delighted to read that the heron 
is gently reminding us to be in the moment!

Meaning of the heron deals with being comfortable in spaces that are neither here, nor there. It prefers hunting at twilight, which is a symbolic and magical time of 'in-between'. The heron will have one foot on land, and one foot in the water - this action has been recognized by ancient cultures as a sign of liminality - of crossing into the a space that is neither here, nor there.
All this talk about being in the space 'in-between' illustrates a remarkable lesson. We are not our environment. We are not even our bodies. And the 'in-between' represents a space suspended - without time or place. It's what Eckhart Tolle might refer to as the "NOW" in his book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Heron's are in the Now. They can help us be in the Now too, which is a vital practice in maintaining stability, calm and fluidity in living life.

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We've also been seeing lots of eagles lately.
My son spotted this one in our subdivision.
And I spotted the pair 
looking for lunch
as a farmer churned up his field
gently reminding that anything is possible!

Size does matter to the Native mind. It is the mammoth size of the eagle that, in part, wins its title as the King of the Birds in myth and lore. In spite of its enormous size, the eagle still takes flight, seemingly effortlessly. This is the first of many symbolic cues from the eagle about perception (not judging a book by its cover) and, not allowing the illusion of limitation to ground us in our flight.

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I've been playing!
I started with  3 1/2 inch squares of gray
and added bits of orange scraps in two corners.
What if I join the squares together? 
What if I don't match seems?
I like it!

I liked it so much,
I tried it again.
What if I vary the size of the color bits?
What if I add a different color?
I really like how my eye goes from the color to the white.
And I like how the white becomes "lattice" that varies in thickness.

I continue plowing along with
my shooting star idea...

making some diamonds every time I sew... many new ones as I make,
it seems like there are always more that are needed.
I might call this one
"Burst of Insanity!"

Speaking of burst,
a few months ago,
Dorothy and I took a basket class with Gwen Marston.
My idea was to make baskets out of egg fabric
(don't put all of your eggs in one basket).
I finished all the baskets and felt
a bit ho hum about it.
Then I had a burst of mojo!
What if all the little baskets were part of one big basket?!
(Turns out all the eggs are in one basket after all!)

Lots of eggs are in the Walter basket...
our rescued starving stray
is no longer starving!
Turns out he is quite intelligent and eager to please!
He We just passed level 1 of obedience training!

When he slows down and gets in the moment...
anything is possible!


  1. You are such a burst of sunshine and so delightful! Happy Wednesday.

    1. Feel me beaming after your compliment?! lol Happy Wednesday right back at ya!

  2. Lovely quilts! Really like that gray/orange idea! Nice big Basket, too! Am starting to "WANT" to sew again...slow going gettin' my mojo back tho...hugs, Julierose

  3. That 'Burst of Insanity', is insanely beautiful!!!! I seem to be drawn to the quilts that marry many colors into an eye catching design, and this diamond quilt hits a home run in my humble opinion. Will there be a pattern forthcoming? Just watched a program on PBS last night which was all about the life of an eagle over the period of a year, and I was enthralled with what I saw. Absolutely breathtaking.

    1. Hi Sylvia! Thanks for your kind words! YES! The eagles are magnificent!

  4. We have a rescue dog too. A Boxer Akita mix. Very smart. Actually too smart... ha ha.
    So glad I signed up for your newsletter email, I am enjoying it. Love all your colors and ideas here.

    1. Hi Lori! I would love to chat, but there is no email hooked up to your account. Email me...I'd love to hear about your rescue!

  5. Thank you for the inspiration in so many ways! I've always been intrigued when I see a heron standing in the water, so still and focused. It reminds me to slow down and be in the moment. I love your scrappy quilts and your egg baskets! Now I'm itching to get back to my machine after a long hiatus.

    1. Always so encouraging...thanks! Can't wait to see your next project!