Friday, May 2, 2014



Freddy Moran!
Freddy Moran!

Freddy was here again for a two day workshop!

Sue's husband sent her with this cute kit!

The creative ladies were working on whatever Freddy inspired project they wanted.
One lady went old school, 
all the way back to her houses.

This lady keeps working adding on the her projects
every time she hooks up with Freddy.

A bunch of ladies decided to work on 
the Farmer Phil and Phoebe quilt.
Here's a sample from Freddy...

Here's two "parts" from Freddy...

And here are some WIP from the ladies in the class...

On the second day of the workshop,
Freddy focused on sharing her style of collage quilts.

This is one of Freddy's latest...

She always has such wonderful fabric on the back!

Her inspiration often comes from Edrica Huws.
Here she is holding a page from a book about Edrica 
next to the quilt Freddy was inspired to replicate in her own style.

Another collage...

And one more...

Here's Nifty, who also admires Edrica Huws.
She writes the lovely blog NiftyQuilts
and makes some spectacular quilts!

Here are some pics some other ladies in the class...

Mary Keasler
who writes the blog Fiberliscious
came all the way from Tennessee!
She is an amazing artist as you can see from the collage below!!!

I worked on a collage for my dear friend Judy
who will be celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary!
There is a fish chair for Judy, A king chair for her husband,
and a table with cake and a candelabra!

Whatever you want to work on,
Freddy said the most important part is to just get started.
"That's the key "smack" just get started. 
Even if your first attempt is a mess, atleast you got started."

Later she went on to say my favorite quote, 
"My personality doesn't allow me to be meticulous."



  1. Thank you, Stephanie, for inviting Freddy and making it a truly enjoyable workshop!! Everyone was friendly, focused and content. Freddy is a fabulous teacher. I learned so much. Thank you!!

  2. wheee, so much fun!! I'm jealous!

  3. What fun - I wish Freddy would come to my house!!

  4. Thank you Stephanie! Great weekend fun and inspiration with you, Freddy, and all the participants.

  5. Many thanks to you for organizing this workshop with Freddy. I was so honored to be able to attend and delighted to meet you, as well as Freddy and all the other talented ladies in the class. Can't wait to try it again.

  6. Magnifiques toutes ces belles couleurs. Un grand bonjour d'une admiratrice française.

  7. I saw Freddy Moran at an Antioch, Ca. Quilt Show a few years back. I got to see some her "Colorful Bright Quilts." I was so inspired after talking with her, and how she used great vibrant colors. I started to quilt/sew after that. I have been using Colorful Bright Colors on all my quilts. It just makes me feel better!!! Freddy has Inspired me for Life. I have had an issue with anxiety/depression for years. When I sew, I put on some great music and sew away, and I forget about everything else. It's very therapeutic to me. Freddy, Thank you, Thank you for all you do & for sharing your stories, and Quilts. YOU, have inspired me for a Lifetime. Gracias!