Monday, May 5, 2014


I was on pinterest...
a very dangerous drug  site to be on! 
and one click led to another
(and another and another)
and somehow I discovered
"Design Wall Monday"
on this site -
and I've decided to link up!

Here's what my design wall looks like this morning...

I was just about to take down my diamonds,
 because as you can see
this is going to be one gigantic project!
I need to sew a million more diamonds, 
then put it up again...
on a bigger design wall...
maybe at the quilt shop.

I love the way the diamonds look, 
but I decided 
for sanity purposes
I had to start something different
so I started goofing with the idea on the left.
I LOVE it! 
The simple squares with little bits of color 
from my scrap boxes
without a pattern
is quite refreshing!
I like the color, 
but the lattice is catching my eye
and I like the way the width 
is interestingly wonky.

check out the creativity
on other gals' design walls 
this glorious Monday morning!


  1. Wow! Both these projects really glow. Not an easy thing to do!

  2. I'm also working on a rainbow string star, but yours is a lot further along than mine. It inspires me to keep going!