Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Ahhh...the beach!
I think it was the most beautiful sunset 
I have ever seen!

Even Walter was unusually calm and appreciative!

in between trips to the beach
and daydreams of Paris...

I have been sewing up a storm!

It seems that I have developed 
quite a crush 
on all things Kathy Doughty!

Here's a very fun finish...
there are 24 different fabrics in each "bead".
This time I did it random and my usual hodgepodge way...
next time I might play even more within the colors.

From this book...

I saw this pattern...

and am having sew much fun!!!

I channeled Karen Stone's philosophy 
and developed a palette
starting with this Alexander Henry fabric...

which played with this goofy purchase so well!
(Sometimes even I don't know why I buy the fabrics I do!)

You make all these giant circles...
(I kept seeing what Joe Cunningham talked about -
how the color of the fabric is not really known
until it is actually in play with it's neighbor!)

I am still auditioning center fabrics.

Some old fabric, 
some new.
It is all making me positively giddy 
with excitement 
to see what happens next!

The design is also quite refreshingly different!

Trim them down to 13 1/2 inch squares.
LOVE the whole process!

It was wonderfully easy to pick the fabrics from my stash.
I am all done organizing
I will forever be tweaking the collection.
I suppose it will be part of my creative process.

I did come to the conclusion
 that I would like to
do some destashing.

The post office lady said that this box 
can be sent anywhere in the US
for 5.80$ 

So here's my destash/online garage sale idea...

I will ship you 14 fat quarters
for 30.00 (includes shipping).

Send me an email

1. stating your overall choice (I pick fabrics) -

A. cool colors (blue,green, purple)
B. warm colors (red, yellow, orange)
C. reads as black (mostly black background)
D. reads white (mostly white background) 

2. your address

I will send you my address and will ship your fat quarters once your check has cleared.

Please help me with my addiction - 
I need room for future purchases!
(I know you know of what I speak!)

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  1. Can't wait for real life to catch up with star trek, since postage to the bottom of the world (NZ) is sooo expensive. Hope you find someone to take your stash off your hands. Sigh.

  2. I started these blocks myself!! They eventually be my WIP's. I really like your color choices!

  3. Such a great block. It reminds me of spider web and Piece O' Cakes Everyday Best. What a good idea to play with fabric pairs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are having fun with those Kathy Doughty designs! Your stash is wonderfully comprehensive and beautifully organised.