Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I know you know this quilt...
Vintage Spin by Kathy Doughty.
Love it!
It's more than love really...
it's a slight  consuming addiction!

You start with making these bladed circles.

While teaching Vintage Spin as a class,
Deb said, "Hey, I have a template for a twenty inch blade."
they say the first hit is always free.

One became four and
four became six
and then I had nine!
now what?
Fold them up and move on...

until the workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
She moved so fast and packed our day with so many ideas
it's taken a while to process all the information.

One message she kept repeating was the fact 
that she tries to do something different 
with every quilt she makes.

(Were my circles folded up because I didn't want to do another
Vintage Spin the same way?!)

Here's some of what I think I heard Victoria say..

"It's play, right?!"

"What can you do to change one thing in a quilt to show your personality?"

"I keep playing until the hair on my arm stands up -
that means a connection was made."

"Move quickly and let something grow."

"I work very quickly and think that it's not possible to make a mistake - I can always make another quilt."

"Get going and wait for surprises to happen."

last Friday 
while sewing with Judy, Dorothy, and Opal...
I pulled out my 45 inch circle
and we reflected on the workshop
and the ideas Victoria shared...
we knew what to do
(Well, Judy did!)
the circle was sliced!

In the picture below,
we are auditioning back ground fabrics.

While I wait for the background fabrics to arrive...
I have played
until my hairs stood on end and
a joyful giggle escaped...
I have released the worries...
I can (and will) most definitely make another quilt...
until then...
let the surprises begin!

Stay tuned for giveaway day
on Monday!


  1. You got it! I love what you did!!!!

  2. WHOA you are brave! This looks intriguing...hugs Julierose