Sunday, December 14, 2014

WINNERS! (Announced from my soapbox)

"get on your soapbox"
to start expressing strong opinions
(a soapbox is a wooden box people used to stand on 
when they were making a speech in public.)

(Imagine me stepping up on my soapbox!)

My gosh!
You ladies need to get out there
and take some classes!
I am shocked how many of you have never taken a class
and even fewer ladies have taken a class
from a "famous" quilter!
There is so much to learn!
And at the very least -
the ENERGY in a class
can be electrifyingly 

(Imagine me stepping down from my soapbox)

those winners!

Jan Mullen fat quarters - Bella Quilts

Aneela Hooey's squares - Barbra O.

Black and white scraps - Michele T.

4" strips I used in Kathy Doughty pattern - Wendy



  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  2. This is fantastic news!!!! I am thrilled and will look for your email.... Thank you!!!!

  3. This is awesome news! Thank you!