Wednesday, June 25, 2014


If you asked for scraps last post,
or you won the cherry/Halloween giveaway,
AND you sent me your address,
I mailed them off today!

Thanks to your ghracious willingness to 
rescue some of my scraps...


look at my 
overflowing scrap tub!

Time to get to work with
with the scraps I have left! 

LOVE it!
This is a really fun quilt to make!

(Greenfields pattern from Kathy Doughty's book Making Quilts

Because it's always fun...

linking up with WIP at


Sunday, June 22, 2014

LOVE this book!

This quilt keeps popping up 
in my mind
and has recently moved 
to the must-do section.

Besides organizing my fabric,
I have also been organizing all my magazine ripouts.
It gives me a chance to revisit old favorites 
and realize how much my tastes have changed over the years.

Guess what I found today?!

Fabric, magazine ripouts,
found this in a Freddy Moran book!

Now that most of my fabric is too neat to use...
HA!  huh?
It seems only natural that I would gravitate towards the scraps...
right?! (she thought worriedly)

Kathy Doughty's pattern calls for alternating cools and warms...
can't wait to get started this week.

Speaking of fun...
does any one need some scraps?
Send me an email telling me if you would like cools or warms and I will send a baggie off to the first five emails I get...
well, maybe six...
or seven if you are nice!


the winner for the cherry fabric is

and the winner of the Halloween fabric is
Lisa Marie

Thank you to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments! 
"Big" or "small" is was fun
to read about what every one is up to this summer.
LOTS of happy sewing! Whoohoo!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Can you feel the joy of summer?!

My oldest son is in Indonesia 
for a month with his anthropology teacher!
My youngest son wants to "do nothing."
And my middle son loves to mountain bike.
So, off to Whistler in BC Canada we went!
(turns out you can do "nothing" 
in a swimming pool 
and while zip lining! Who knew?)

Lots of opportunities to practice
letting go
and trusting! 
Luckily for son #2,
 he lives far less fearfully than his mom!

From the site - :

 At its most basic reduction, the rainbow is an amalgamation of light - a perfect harmonic combination which produces a symbol of supernatural beauty, promise and enlightenment

The weather was fine, typical northwest mix of partly sunny,
or is that partly cloudy? 
Until the ride home...

Shannon Falls

I can home reinvigorated fro the task at hand!
I am just loving it!
Turns out that the color I have the least of is...

makes my mouth water 
for cherries and my annual attempt at cherry pie!

In honor of the promise of
I would like to have a giveaway!

7 fat quarters + a bit (third down is almost a fat quarter)
obviously, cherry themed!

And , just for fun,
since it's never to early to think about Halloween...

11 fat quarters of spookily fun Halloween themed fabric!

Just leave a comment telling me 
what YOU get to do this summer 
and which fabric tickles your fancy.

Next Sunday, June 22nd mountain biker son will pick the winners!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Summer time 
sweet summer time!

While thinking about what
 get to 
do this summer
an insistent whisper said...


"organize the sewing space"



I started quilting in 2001
and since then I have accumulated 
what feels like a small shop worth of fabric
stuffed in boxes, drawers, and numerous piles.


My goal?!

I would like to be able 
to see all my treasure!

Here's my start - 
two new shelves on the right
mess everywhere else.

Here's where I am a week later...
3 1/2 new shelves 
and a slightly smaller mess everywhere else!
I LOVE that I am finally doing this!

I have been interrupting my reorganization time
with frequent  daydreaming lollygagging sewing breaks!

Granny squares!!!

I will be teaching granny squares at Aunt Mary's this summer
We will be using the wonderful Great Granny book by Lori Holt

It's a fun way to use up some of that stash!

Here's the store sample...

Here's my WIP...

I am changing the backgrounds, 
hoping for a giant granny square 
of granny squares!

Gotta love that Kaffe!

Here's to a new week 
in the sumptuous summer
where we get to
enjoy the process!