Tuesday, March 17, 2015


the always enjoyable
Quilters Anonymous Quilt Show!

In my painting class, 
the teacher repeatedly talks about 
the importance of critique.

When you critique a painting,
she says,
you start to learn what you 
are attracted to
what you like.

you can take what you notice
and try and create those elements
in your own art.

   I decided to approach 
the quilt show 
with this in mind.

What do I notice about what I like?
That what I create and what I like are in sync!

More specifically...
red, pinky, hints of purple.

This first quilt is mine.

Of course,
I really enjoy whimsy and humor.

This first quilt is mine.
A joke of sorts.
When you read the words, 
your mind pictures the quilt.
since you already have a picture in your mind 
of a double wedding ring quilt,
why should I make one?

I heard a lot of comments
from people about this quilt.
"I don't get it."
"Where is it? Do you see it?"
"Maybe it's on the back."
"I am making this one next."

I also seem to gravitate towards
more complex...
something different.

The first one is mine.

This was my favorite.
I kept coming back to visit this one.

lots to think about...
color, humor, detail...

in quilting as in life.



  1. Splendid display. I like that: color, humor, detail.

  2. WOW, there's a whole lot of talent packed into this posting, and it was so much fun scrolling through all these remarkable works of art! Very impressive. Thank you so much for sharing Stephanie, and kudos to you on the modern spin you put on your beautiful quilt. I am blown away by the quilts that are taken from photographs and re-created with fabric! Enjoy the day! lv2bquilting2@comcast.net

  3. Lots of cool quilts! Hey, I was cleaning out my stash on Monday and I found more FQs from that designer you oohed over during Victoria's class. Already have them packaged up ready to send to you. Will try to get to the post office before the week is over. I want them to go to someone that appreciates them!