Monday, March 30, 2015


A long time ago
I took the best class I have ever taken
with a quilter named David Walker.
He suggested
that you could make a quilt

totally from your gut
just happily moving along
completely trusting
that the quilting muse
would guide you 
in the direction the quilt wanted to go.

I thank this quilting muse
I have just the right amount of thread
the unexpected perfect fabric
blocks that fit together perfectly
any time I sit down to sew.

I am still finding joy
in making Vintage Spin quilts
from Kathy Doughty's pattern!
I was using four of my gigantic spins
and a bunch of smaller ones I was making 
with a different color palette
when I was struck by the thought...

WHAT IF I use them all together in one quilt?
(gotta love embracing the what IFs!)

This is what I have so far.
I need to make a few more blocks for the bottom row.

(Thanks to my sons who tried to help
and shame on Walter who suddenly felt like he was a bull
and my quilt was a red cape!)

My other current project
is playing 
with all the leftovers
from turning the Vintage Spin wedge circles
into squares.

I sewed the cut offs together
and then used my diamond template.

Now I have all these stars.


Not sure what is going to happen.
Knowing that whatever it is
it will be OK.

Focusing on joy

embracing the what if!


  1. love those huge swirls and the stars are excellent. lots of fun!

  2. Good morning Stephanie....Leftovers are always good, whether it's food or fabric and while, I love your spinning blocks, I really love the stars from the leftovers. Can;t wait to see what that quilt turns out to be! Enjoy the day.

  3. Wowie kazowie! The quilting muse does it again! Really, really fantastic. Love those stars too!!