Monday, April 13, 2015

WonderFULLy ColorFULLy Moments.!

 Camano Island Quilters just had their very nice quilt show!
Totally colorFULL!

Karen Lowry...
quilter extraordinaire!
LOVED this original design...
Karen and her 24 pound cat at the design wall.

Karen's wonky trees
that she started in a class I taught!

Yet another lonestar by Judy Irish.


The guild had an area where members were selling their stash.
who does not have enough fabric,
had a thrilling moment when
I found this happy piece!

More moments...

My husband's high school friend
sent these ties
to make into a quilt...

Walter is worried.

vintage spin?!!!

I've pieced all my stars
have a last row of a Vintage Spin...

and just because I have so much free time am crazy
I glue sticked a collage of scraps!

A collection of wonderful moments were had
in a workshop I arranged with Scott Hansen

He was a fun relaxed teacher
and all the ladies had a fabulous time
growing a forest 
one tree at a time!

I am looking forward
to more
wonderFULLy colorFULL moments!


  1. I love your nice pictures! There were lots of vintage spin examples. I am working on trees, too. Thanks for coming to the show!

  2. Wow,love these colorful quilts!!

  3. Wahoo! What a wonderful show! It must be fun to see those great quilts begun in your classes. I love your new takes on the Vintage Spin scraps, both with stars and glue. What a perfect idea for the ties!! Duh.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the great quilts. One of my favs is Modern Spin by Kristi. Did you teach the class for that? It's a great design. I'd love to take a class with Scott sometime. I know him just a little from GenQ Magazine projects I've done.