Wednesday, August 12, 2015


We are in the middle of a long trip, so I picked Cochem, a small sleepy town on the Mosel River for a few slow days. The castle in Cochem, a boat ride along the Mosel past numerous vineyards to Beilstein, a visit to the magical Burg Eltz castle where I found the perfect sewing room with unique old iron/press and colorful majolica stove used to keep warm, and a lovely hike through peaceful woods kept us happy with plenty of time to relax.

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  1. Beautiful pictures--you're making me wish we were there--our trip to Germany was mainly on the Romantic Road area in southern
    parts. Castles are just so lovely...we stayed at Hirschorn Castle on the Neckar River which had tapestries hanging on all the hallway walls....amazing place overlooking the river. Also great wines, no sulfites!! Ah yes, wonderful days.....enjoy hugs, Julierose