Thursday, March 17, 2011


COMPASSION : To feel for; to share the suffering of

Hospice is a fabulously COMPASSIONATE organization! When my mom got sick with lung cancer last November the hospice workers said they recognized that her sickness and death was going to effect our entire family. They would provide support for a year after her passing. They were so wonderful as my mom ended her journey in this world. Well, no one contacted me after her death and I assumed that it was probably just kind words and that they were too busy and under funded to really have time to reach out.  Then, synchronistically, as I kept looping through her last month and feeling so sad, a deeply COMPASSIONATE counselor called, apologized for the oversight, and met with me - AND will continue to meet with me. To help me. As long as I need. To process this incredible loss.

Wouldn't you know?  Hanging in their office is this touching quilt composed of various worker's definitions of COMPASSION.

The buttons represent diversity.

Incredible. Wonderful. I am extremely grateful to those COMPASSIONATE workers at hospice!

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