Saturday, March 5, 2011


One of my first quilts ten years ago - a Jan Mullen pattern called "Log Cabinz"

I LOVE Jan Mullen fabric. Here's some from my old stash

Here's some from my new stash (bought bravely by my husband for Christmas)

AND here's some from my dear friend Heather's stash.

This week, when we met during the weekly "Nasty Girl" meeting at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop,  Heather chopped all the Jan Mullen fabric she had and gave me half!!! :) WOW! 

A fun and generous act of kindess that has me smiling days later!

But, the good feelings didn't stop there. One of the nicest "Nasty Girls" showed off her latest quilt.  Heather ooohed and ahhed over this quilt. And, without any hesitation, Heather was given this beautiful quilt! Right then and there, the fabulous maker of this quilt...gave it away!!!another surprising act of kindness in less than an hour.

 Amazingly wonderful! 

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  1. fun log cabinZ quilt - love how it weebles around. brave husband to buy you fabric! gotta say, you all are not living up to the Nasty Girls name!