Sunday, February 12, 2012


Continuing to feel swoony (hee-hee) as I enjoyed another glorious week! 
I really like this one and am thinking to continue with more polka dot/Kaffe blocks.

LOOK! It's spring!

This week I took a field trip into Seattle to taste  yummy hot beef and "tatstrami" sandwiches at Tat's Deli (I have been forever searching for a good deli since moving to this area) then visited the butterfly house at the Pacific Science Center and loved feeling the humid 85 degree heat and smelling the tropical flowers!

Orange AND dots!

What a face!

I woke early several mornings and heard the joyful cacophony as the birds gratefully greeted a new day singing their love songs and was inspired to create this week's "little".

On a different note...

my oldest son has been bitten by the glass blowing bug.

This bowl is particularly beautiful and had its inspiration from the glass we drank tea out of during our tea house visit the other week!

Andrew is taking glass blowing lessons at the Shack Art Center 
They are having an auction to raise money and I have decided to donate...

this lonestar pieced by me and

quilted by Judy! 

I am looking forward to bigger chunks of sewing time this week. 
What are you looking forward to?


  1. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pictures and wonderful quilty stuff! I hope to have time to work on my last 2 Swoon blocks, and finish some placemats, and knit, and cross stitch and start something new - and I'm totally hallucinating here -I'll never get to all of it but I can still dream!