Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Every once in a while, I get the urge to organize (move stuff around) my sewing space.
This week I was determined to use or toss this basket of polka dot scraps.

I have a deep passion for all things polka dot.

Here's a favorite tote bag of me "going to great depths for polka dots!"

I ironed every scrap in the basket under the watchful eye of my Kaffe Kreature while daydreaming of luscious beach vacations...

and created this week's "fun" themed little - Purely Play!

I sent the rest of the scraps (well, MOST of the rest) and a few left over polka dot chicken blocks to a new blog friend over at
you can see my chickens and check out her too cute blog!

I am almost ready to send this eye popping quilt over to Judy so she can work her magic!

In The book, The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron talks about how important it is to take field trips. I have tried to take a field trip each week this year. Last week I went into Seattle to a new quilt shop (for me) and this week I went to the LaConner Quilt Museum in LaConner, WA.

Luscious beading by Thom Atkins completely blew me away!!!


This past week I enjoyed...
 the smell of - a hint of spring
the sound of  - my middle son really laughing
the taste of - a new meatloaf recipe from
the feel of - Lilalou's ear
the sight of  - two crows loving/cleaning/courting each other for over 1/2 hour



  1. Who doesn't love polka dots? Love your little 'play' quilt! Very cheerful.

  2. This past week I enjoyed
    the smell of--a skunk (long story but I spent the first 40 years of my life unable to smell them)
    the sound of--wind against the window. I gave thanks for my beautiful, protective home.
    the taste of--a pot pie! I just threw everything I had in the frig between to pie crusts ans wha-la! dinner!
    the feel of--a new minky blanket
    the sight of--hawks! 2 in one day, different roads. I think they're my totem!

    1. I am glad to be home.... But I have enjoyed
      the smell of a wood fire I was at my Mom's house in Montana
      the sound of chickadees feeding off the bird feeder
      the taste of my Mom's coffee
      the feel of the cold air
      the sight of wonderful friends coming to visit us!