Sunday, February 26, 2012


Turns out there WAS time for fun this week!
Of course!

Here is this week's fun "little" 
Fun to collect 
Fun to play/rearrange
even fun to use 
(unless THAT button HAS to be SAVED)

Speaking of fun,
I have a fat eight pack of

I have been saving 

for the right project.

My mom loved all things zen/Asian 

and dragonflies.

What better fabric is there to join
a granny square quilt along?

Get it? 
My mom was a granny. 
Well, she wouldn't allow us to call her "granny" since it sounded old.
We called her Gram.
Dearest Gram
The healing continues.

A beginning pile of 2 1/2 inch squares.

Giveaways are also fun!
Here's this months love themed collection:

four fat quarters

and 1/2 yard of this Michael Miller favorite

Friends from other lands may play!
Leave a comment sharing something you do to have more fun/enjoyment in your life.
Become a follower for an extra chance.
Oldest son will pick a number next Saturday March 3rd.
(Please make sure I can contact you or contact me if you see you've won!!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Chugging along...

With the help of easy to follow step-by-step recipes including pictures and a dash of humor, 
Pioneer woman 
has helped to make February (almost over?! gulp!) a month with less eating out!

Here's her white chicken enchilada - so good I was unable to get a picture the first time...

here's the just as yummy second try!

Here's a "little" (8 1/2 x 12) entitled PURE PLAY

Here's one of two tote bags (being used!!!) made as thank-you-for-coaching a very positive/no stress/FUN season 
(the Cougars came in 2nd in their division!!)

Swoon #3
see more swoon craziness here...

Lastly, I've entered this "little" into a tangerine tango challenge at
check out all the other great entries...
or enter your self!

I was thinking to write this was a "good" week. 
But, I am continuing to practice not having "good" and "bad" moments.
this week 
what it was. 
Another week full of possibilities to practice 
and have fun!

Did you have any fun this week?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today I saw a beautiful hawk. 
Hawk reminds us that we can reach new understandings by looking at the whole.

I also saw an eagle. 
Eagle reminds us that we have the ability to reach great heights.

while I "swoon"ed again....

I thought about the hawk and the eagle and...


loving myself and...
my husband 
(25 years together this year!!!)
That's him, the cute guy in my heart.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Continuing to feel swoony (hee-hee) as I enjoyed another glorious week! 
I really like this one and am thinking to continue with more polka dot/Kaffe blocks.

LOOK! It's spring!

This week I took a field trip into Seattle to taste  yummy hot beef and "tatstrami" sandwiches at Tat's Deli (I have been forever searching for a good deli since moving to this area) then visited the butterfly house at the Pacific Science Center and loved feeling the humid 85 degree heat and smelling the tropical flowers!

Orange AND dots!

What a face!

I woke early several mornings and heard the joyful cacophony as the birds gratefully greeted a new day singing their love songs and was inspired to create this week's "little".

On a different note...

my oldest son has been bitten by the glass blowing bug.

This bowl is particularly beautiful and had its inspiration from the glass we drank tea out of during our tea house visit the other week!

Andrew is taking glass blowing lessons at the Shack Art Center 
They are having an auction to raise money and I have decided to donate...

this lonestar pieced by me and

quilted by Judy! 

I am looking forward to bigger chunks of sewing time this week. 
What are you looking forward to?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Every once in a while, I get the urge to organize (move stuff around) my sewing space.
This week I was determined to use or toss this basket of polka dot scraps.

I have a deep passion for all things polka dot.

Here's a favorite tote bag of me "going to great depths for polka dots!"

I ironed every scrap in the basket under the watchful eye of my Kaffe Kreature while daydreaming of luscious beach vacations...

and created this week's "fun" themed little - Purely Play!

I sent the rest of the scraps (well, MOST of the rest) and a few left over polka dot chicken blocks to a new blog friend over at
you can see my chickens and check out her too cute blog!

I am almost ready to send this eye popping quilt over to Judy so she can work her magic!

In The book, The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron talks about how important it is to take field trips. I have tried to take a field trip each week this year. Last week I went into Seattle to a new quilt shop (for me) and this week I went to the LaConner Quilt Museum in LaConner, WA.

Luscious beading by Thom Atkins completely blew me away!!!


This past week I enjoyed...
 the smell of - a hint of spring
the sound of  - my middle son really laughing
the taste of - a new meatloaf recipe from
the feel of - Lilalou's ear
the sight of  - two crows loving/cleaning/courting each other for over 1/2 hour