Saturday, March 24, 2012


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This morning I was able to cook up a day...



(remembering not to take life so seriously. 
That's on a box of Applegate sausages)


(I always knew I liked coconuts since they come from warm tropical lands! 
That's a bottle of coconut water)

What's your plan for some fun today?

Monday, March 19, 2012


Here in the Pacific Northwest 
Mother Nature continues to be unsure if it's time for spring.
Most of the week was below 40* 
and this morning we awoke to another light dusting of snow.

A lot of the week was spent considering hibernation options.

When the sun did peek out briefly, we ran to the beach...

and up north to the Skagit Valley to see the last of the Snow Geese...

and some very chilly daffodils!

I did manage a few more granny squares. 
I like the varying sizes, but am unsure how they will go together.

I am slowly falling behind on the NY beauty quilt along
but what does get created is so yummy!

I also worked on a new "little". 
That's me, 
at peace 
AND in the moment at the bottom of the lake, 
and unattached 
to any of the happenings within the lake 
or the weathering above the lake.

Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now says...

"Having gone beyond the mind-made opposites (this is so key for me - I make up the "good" and "bad"!!!), you become like a deep lake. The outer situation of your life and whatever happens there is the surface of the lake. Sometimes calm, sometimes windy and rough, according to the cycles and the seasons. Deep down, however, the lake is always undisturbed. You are the whole lake, not just the surface, and you are in touch with your own depth, which remains absolutely still. You don't resist change by mentally clinging to any situation. Your inner peace does not depend on it."

drum roll please

Here's this month's giveaway!
A jelly roll of Sandy Gervais' Objects of Desire line.
I bought this thinking I would use it to make a basket, but batiks, since they are two sided, work better. 

While I was organizing this week...

(can't you tell?!)
 I discovered this jelly roll in my box of Christmas fabrics!


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As I finish this post,
the sun is shining!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Last week's "little" quilt focused on lips.
For some unknown reason when I see lip fabric,
I have to get a fat quarter.

Where I live, woman tend to not wear very much makeup.
In fact, as far as I can tell, most wear no makeup.
Not that I was in to lots of makeup before we moved out here,
but for the last twelve years I have worn nothing but occassional mascara.

Except now.
Lip balm in fun flavors, like Dr. Pepper,!

A fun themed "little" was needed...

but something was missing... 

makes all that attention to lips even more fun!
(can you see the great ruby red lip pin? and the lip stick pin?)

My next little (above) used up some scraps from my fat eight pack of Good Fortune
which I am using for my granny squares.
I played for 15 minutes, like Victoria encourages

I notice that I have tendency to make a background
that is a bit hidden
and then put a
more noticeable
layer on top.

These past few days we have had at least ten siskins visiting our thistle sack.
I looked up the meaning of siskins.
Siskins call attention to removal of negative but deeply held issues.
Perhaps my "littles' reflect this idea.

I have started the New York Beauty quilt along.

And am continuing my granny squares.
(not a great pic, sorry, but you get the idea)

What fabric do you collect?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I joined the Swoon-a-long on flickr and made three swoon blocks. 
I like making these blocks
and I feel a little annoyed making these blocks.
It's fun to think, fondle, pick out, and see the results of the fabric combinations,
but in my gut, these modernized blocks are lacking something for me.

I tried to take it to the next level and came up with this Swoon in a swoon!
I like it!
It was a little bit of a bugger to make. 
I didn't have a pattern and had no idea how much fabric I would need.
I think Carrol, at loved me doing this project because I ended up buying six yards of the dots and the red! 
Those outer red rectangles were about 24 x 13!

Lilalou was tired of me taking up her bed space to figure this one out!
When I went to take care of some mom duty, 
she twirled and pawed and finally got it just how she wanted it!

A few posts back I shared this flying-goose-turned-to-chevron quilt.
I am still working through the grief process for the loss of my mom. 
Geese represent the sacred circle of life.
And the fabric is Denise Schmidt's Hope Valley.
Krista at quilted it for me and did a fantastic job. 
She used two layers of batting so the zig zagginess really pops!

Still thinking about my mom, who we called Gram, I joined the Granny Square Quilt Along at

is another fabulous quilting blog that I just love. 
She just survived that awful burst of tornado action - check out her eerie pictures.

I am using Kate Spain's Good Fortune fabric line as my mom loved all things Asian themed (this feels a little Asian) and dragon flies.

Hope and Good Fortune 
I decided to use my mom's sudden passing as an opportunity for post traumatic GROWTH.
I have done a lot of positive growing this past year 
in terms of developing healthier coping skills for life.
Lately I have been focused on 
Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now.

He says - 
"Conditions are neither positive nor negative. They are as they are. And when you live in complete acceptance of what is - which is the only sane way to live - there is no "good" or "bad" in your life any more."

What I find so interesting is I quilt this way. 

A thought pops into my head, 
I start making that thought become reality.
 I trust that the fabric/thread/machine will work and be enough 
and if not I will figure it out when I need to. 
In fact, quite often, I find I miraculously have just enough time, fabric or thread in my bobbin!
I never worry about my project
Always - my project is what it is. 
Have I had quilts come out less striking or contrasting or straight than I wanted? 
but never once have I got hung up on that. 
In twelve years I have never made a "bad" quilt. 
I love them all.

What if the moments in my life were like this?

"Through allowing the "isness" of all things, 
a deeper dimension underneath the play of opposites reveals itself to you as an abiding presence, 
an unchanging deep stillness, 
and uncaused joy beyond good and bad. 
This is the joy of Being, the peace of God." - Eckhart Tolle

joy beyond "good" and "bad"


Well, while I continue growing, 
the thinking of new projects is exciting!

I am contemplating this New York beauty quilt along

Here's a glimpse of my "percolate" wall.

Have you seen this ad for a trip to Ireland for their quilt festival?!!!!

And perhaps a little more practical...
a new purse?

And what about
Robins remind us that we have infinite resources on hand when working on
renewal, joy, spiritual growth.
Thank you!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I love giveaways!
Thanks for playing!!!

Here's two fun pillows Laura made from a past giveaway!
Check out her cute blog 
and vote for her lovely heart quilt!


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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Two days ago
I was entertaining the idea that spring was near

Silly me!

Today school was two hours late due to 1 1/2 inches of slushy snowfall!

Fred was also silly.
Here he is wondering wondering if there was enough snow to make the invisible fence stop working.

The slowness of the day provided time to officially enter
the Tangerine Tango Challenge

Here's the mug rug entry I shared in the last post.

Here's my larger entry!
"Blorange Blossom"
Same fabric
Same idea
I love how it zings the eye!

Quilted by Judy, of course!

After you check out the other fun entries

treat your self

to this most wonderful blog!!!

This was the first blog I ever fell in love with 
because she travels to Tokyo for the Quilt Festival every year
and posts hundreds of wonderful photos of all the quilts!

(You can double treat your self 
and check out my October 18, 2010 post 
to read about the trip I took to the Tokyo Quilt Festival!)

Let me know what you think...