Monday, September 29, 2014


Next chapter of solo travel in France...

 I leave Honfluer 
on the west coast of France 
and take a high speed TGV  train 
into Paris' Gare St. Lazarre.
There are five train stations in Paris,
each with transportation to and from
certain regions,
so I need to get from 
Gare St. Lazarre
to Gare L'Est
so I can make my way 
east to the town of Colmar,
my base for the European Patchwork Festival.

I decided to walk between the two stations.
(Since people have asked,
I travel with a medium sized backpack
with a change of clothes for three days.
It's light enough and easy to navigate 
all the stairs, cobblestones, etc.) 

The beauty, charm, and history
often takes my breath a way!

A brief down pour.

I take refuge 
under an awning of a tea shop
for fifteen minutes.

These three French pigeons take their own refuge!

Time to keep walking.
This is the big shopping area of Lafayette.

I make it in time for my train!

I find this magazine in the newspaper stand.
I take it as confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be!
"ici and maintenant" translates to "here and now".
LOVE that!

I am up early the next morning and leave for the Patchwork festival.
Here's my hotel in Colmar.
My single room is up in the attic!

It's a taxi ride, 
to the train, 
to a bus ride,
through delightful landscape.


I get right down to business
and look through the small market first.

Liberty fabric!

Drum roll please...

The quilts are spread out through four charming towns with a free shuttle running between them.
It took me a full eight hours to make it from one end to the other.

Quilts are displayed in churches, halls, 
store fronts, community buildings.
All four towns are saturated with quilts and quilters!

These two ladies took advantage of the crowds 
and set up a lunch stand.
Look at the size of that loaf!
My sandwich and nutella muffin were delicious!

OK, back to more patchwork...
LOVE this one!

This was a group quilt.
I really enjoy quilts when the humor shines through.

Unfortunately, I start to realize I am going to run out of battery power for my camera.
I apologize for not photographing all the artist's names!

This one is for you LeeAnn!

And then my battery dies!
I spend a few minutes feeling crabby and mad at my self.
Then I let it go 
and really enjoy just looking and being in the moment with the quilts.
It becomes a nice balance 
of having camera/tourist syndrome 
and being an awake and present human!
Great show, wonderful experience, completely unique.
I just love thinking of other nutty/addicted/creative ladies
expressing themselves through patchwork!
C'est manifique


  1. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing your trip details and the quilts. Beautiful.

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!! Thanks so much for the photos. I'm so impressed by the talent around the world. We knew it was happening, but I hadn't seen much of it. That red pine burr (if you can call it that) is stunning. Thank you!!!

  3. What a wonderful post to wake up to! Your adventurous spirit shines again. Than you for sharing with us.

  4. Speechless! wow! Those quilts are so wonderful. I know that you were in heaven at that show. Keep posting more about your trip...

  5. Amazing and stunning quilt show--love especially that double are having a fabulous experience on your about inspiring...thank you so much for sharing...hugs, Julierose

  6. As someone who has long wanted to attend this show but not yet managed it, thank you for this lovely post that has really captured the experience.

  7. You got such good quilt "portraits." That must have taken a lot of patience with the crowds there. I was there this year for the second time, and it was the previous time that I figured out I like to take pictures of the quilt show, instead of just the quilts. Lot's of interesting people "spectating." My secret wish would be to be able to stay in a little room in one of the villages for the duration of the show and just meander at leisure through all the venues. I feel your pain about the camera battery. I forgot to recharge after the first day, so was coming up short on the second day.