Monday, September 1, 2014


Time to travel again!
This time we are leaving the boys behind
and my husband's cousin is coming to stay with them!

This cousin sent me all her sailing tee-shirts six months a year ago
and I finally motivated to put them all together.
Unfortunately, instead of cutting the tees evenly, she haphazardly cut them.
So, I had the idea that maybe as I went around and around with strips to even them out,
I could use different colors...
and make them into a giant black and white sail boat, with light blue sky, dark blue water, and black and white boat!

Ever make a quilt that looks totally different in real life than the one in your head? Ha!
The quilt is bigger than king, 
and without space to watch the progress...
I didn't get enough contrast for the boat.
Ah well, it's (done!) super cozy with minkee backing (done!) 
and made with lots of love (done!).

Here's Krista, my fabulous way-too-cute quilter holding it up for you to see!

My love affair with Kathy Doughty continues
as I obsessively make blocks for more Vintage Spin quilts!
My excuse is that I will be teaching this class in September.
Hmm...isn't using excuses a sign of addiction!

I am also working on the haphazard quilt I found on 

LOVE it!

I have also made 
some of these fabric boxes
using the tutorial here:

I also used:
because she shows you how to hide the seams!

That's it for now...
next stop is France for a bit of rekindling the romance 
and the European Patchwork Festival!
A bientot!


  1. Ah Stephanie, more inspiration, more color and more smiles, your blog is always a delight. Have a wonderful trip and safe travels.

  2. love that haphazard quilt too. bon voyage!

  3. I think you came up with a great solution for the T shirts. It's wonderful! The Haphazard quilt is on my to-do list too. I think it'll be fun to do.
    Have a blast at the European quilt show! I'm jealous!