Friday, September 26, 2014


Another fabulous trip!
This time to France.
Romantic days with my hubby and then
luscious days alone!
It's been years since there was an extended period of time
with no one else to take care of except me.

First day alone,
I wished hubby adieu and
I head to Gare St. Lazarre
for a full day making my way
from Paris to the Atlantic coast
with three stops in between.

Yummy early morning nourishment.

Sunrise as I leave the station.

Monet's garden at Giverny.
No words needed.
I am overwhelmed
by the fact that I am actually finally here,
that Monet was here too, and
the awe inspiring beauty.

The charming town of Giverny.

Next stop, 

to see the Cathedral Monet was inspired to paint 
more than thirty times.

Two men and three women eating potatoes.

Last stop is the town of Honfluer.
I arrive about 6:00,
time to walk around...

and dine on a gallette
(a non-dessert crepe).

The next morning,
24 hours since I left Paris,
I see the sunrise from my hotel window.

I have a few hours before my train back to Paris
(to connect to another train,
at a different station,
that will take me to the town of Colmar,
which is close
to where the European Patchwork is being held).

Quiche for breakfast!

A shop selling only sardines.

Dreaming out loud...
this town needs
a quilt shop...

on this street?!

was passing quickly.
I'll post about the quilt show in a few days!
A bientot mes amis!


  1. Oh Stephanie, thank you for sharing this journey with us! Fabulous pictures, looking forward to having you back home and hearing all about your travels. So much inspiration surrounding you plus a quilt show, take it all in girl!

  2. Thank you, thank you for sharing your photos! Everything is so beautiful, so inspiring!

  3. Merci mille fois for your travelogue of just gorgeous scenes on your trip! Je vous remercie! I am so jealous..cannot believe Monet's Jardin..hugs and enjoy Julierose