Monday, January 26, 2015


Collecting moments.

I like that idea
as a theme for living this year.

I made a fat quarter bag for 
a very gracious old friend of mine in NYC
who is celebrating another year of experience.
(In case you are wondering, I am 22 
plus several years of experience!)

Why do we SAVE fabric?

I finally used some of my Jan Mullen for this bag.
Fabric that I love
but have been NOT USING...
because it is too fun????
Does that even make any sense?
Ha! Ridiculous! 
I am discarding that idea 
(only use fabric that is not too much fun)
right here and NOW!

I have also decided 
to give a way a quilt a month for 2015.
This one is going to the same friend.
(Wonderfully, she loves purple).

Here's my finished
wanted-to-be-another-Vintage-Spin-but we-sliced-it-up.

Son #3 is graduating high school this spring.
Maybe he will take a quilt to college?!

I walk our rescued Walter
One path we do almost everyday,
while son #3 does crew,
had this spray painted on the path!

LOVE the reminder-
to quit sleeping/being lost in thought
through all the moments
to be experienced 
on this path and in life.

Look what we were treated to
after we woke up...

Visited son #1
at Evergreen College in Olympia
where he is happily thriving!
"I went from student to scholar"
is my current favorite quote of his.

Delighted by the surprise 
of seeing 
a quilt and quilty pillow in his room!

son#3 wanted to visit son #1
so off we went went to Olympia,
about a two hour drive.
I dropped off son#3
and hunted down a quilt shop!

Here's Washington state's capital building.

And here is a most amazing quilt shop!
A must see if you are in the area.
It had two charming ladies
and more must-have fabric
then I have seen in a shop in a long time!

Then I went to Bayside Quilting
had a private moment
with Elvis!

Hope you are 
enjoying some moments too!


  1. Great fabrics! Sounds like you had a great visit...hugs, Julierose--Liking those guys in the berets! LOL

  2. I am dying to know more about the little guy in your sidebar with the caption "too cute bday doll ". I would appreciate ANY info. You have!