Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Collecting palettes
for future quilty play.

A while back 
I used this piece 
to create a palette.

that turned into a bunch of these...

that continues to grow as
yet another
vintage spin!
(a Kathy Doughty pattern
which I will be teaching at Aunt Mary's 
on February 15th!)

To get the square
you cut off a lot of curved pieces.
What if...
(loving the what IFs)


I am also working on finishing this piece
I started it in a class with Freddy
(she loves this book from Quiltmania)

For me, it's a 
"mediate on what you want"
Joie de vivre
and metaphysical fish representing strong ideas!

I also started a beginning painting class
at the community college.
First class was last night
and today I went into the "studio"
to work on our assignment
which was about value.

I am also teaching 
another Kathy Doughty pattern
"soul searching"
at Calico Creations
on January 24th.

Here's Kathy's...

and here's mine hanging in the shop window!

Happily busy!
Join me?

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