Monday, January 26, 2015


Collecting moments.

I like that idea
as a theme for living this year.

I made a fat quarter bag for 
a very gracious old friend of mine in NYC
who is celebrating another year of experience.
(In case you are wondering, I am 22 
plus several years of experience!)

Why do we SAVE fabric?

I finally used some of my Jan Mullen for this bag.
Fabric that I love
but have been NOT USING...
because it is too fun????
Does that even make any sense?
Ha! Ridiculous! 
I am discarding that idea 
(only use fabric that is not too much fun)
right here and NOW!

I have also decided 
to give a way a quilt a month for 2015.
This one is going to the same friend.
(Wonderfully, she loves purple).

Here's my finished
wanted-to-be-another-Vintage-Spin-but we-sliced-it-up.

Son #3 is graduating high school this spring.
Maybe he will take a quilt to college?!

I walk our rescued Walter
One path we do almost everyday,
while son #3 does crew,
had this spray painted on the path!

LOVE the reminder-
to quit sleeping/being lost in thought
through all the moments
to be experienced 
on this path and in life.

Look what we were treated to
after we woke up...

Visited son #1
at Evergreen College in Olympia
where he is happily thriving!
"I went from student to scholar"
is my current favorite quote of his.

Delighted by the surprise 
of seeing 
a quilt and quilty pillow in his room!

son#3 wanted to visit son #1
so off we went went to Olympia,
about a two hour drive.
I dropped off son#3
and hunted down a quilt shop!

Here's Washington state's capital building.

And here is a most amazing quilt shop!
A must see if you are in the area.
It had two charming ladies
and more must-have fabric
then I have seen in a shop in a long time!

Then I went to Bayside Quilting
had a private moment
with Elvis!

Hope you are 
enjoying some moments too!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Collecting palettes
for future quilty play.

A while back 
I used this piece 
to create a palette.

that turned into a bunch of these...

that continues to grow as
yet another
vintage spin!
(a Kathy Doughty pattern
which I will be teaching at Aunt Mary's 
on February 15th!)

To get the square
you cut off a lot of curved pieces.
What if...
(loving the what IFs)


I am also working on finishing this piece
I started it in a class with Freddy
(she loves this book from Quiltmania)

For me, it's a 
"mediate on what you want"
Joie de vivre
and metaphysical fish representing strong ideas!

I also started a beginning painting class
at the community college.
First class was last night
and today I went into the "studio"
to work on our assignment
which was about value.

I am also teaching 
another Kathy Doughty pattern
"soul searching"
at Calico Creations
on January 24th.

Here's Kathy's...

and here's mine hanging in the shop window!

Happily busy!
Join me?

Thursday, January 1, 2015



Taking advantage 
of a new beginning!
a new chapter!
A new opportunity to practice...

letting go...

remembering I (we) 
can soar.
It's a choice.

Since I (you) get to create the story,
why not have it be full of rainbows?

Anything is possible
one step at a time...

even a masterpiece!
(My finished Freddy collage quilt!!)

lots of thinking is going on
and part of my thinking has been
directed towards intention.

What is my intention for this year?
 to grasp?
I want to grab all these bits of time
that seem to be zooming by so quickly...
seize the day?
but that seems too trite...

I made breakfast...


there it was on the pancake mix!
(finding the sacred in the ordinary?!)
"Seize the what if"

"seize" felt like it had a violent or desperate connotation...


(one step at a time

My intention for the new year evolved into


Love that!

Happy New Year!