Friday, December 16, 2011


This giveaway was A LOT of fun! fun! fun!

I looked at SO MANY creative blogs run by so many lovely ladies from all over the world!
Here's just a few of my favorites: (I made a list of blogs I wanted to get back to and this was one. Turns out I won her giveaway!)

My giveaway asked for a comment about what you do while quilting and here's the interesting results based on the first activity mentioned:

49 creative ladies listen to music on the radio or ipods
46 creative ladies watch TV shows/movies
21 creative gals enjoy the quiet 
9 creative ladies are listening to an audio book (I have never listened to an audio book!)
5 moms are busy watching children while they are creative
4 creative ladies are drinking tea and/or eating!
3 creative ladies are listening to pod casts
1 happy soul sings!
1 kindred happy soul is humming! 

A GREAT HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who commented! My little blog is vibrating with tremendous gratitude for all the comments (and 2 new followers!!!)

My middle son picked number 111 and that is Principeta!!!!!

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