Thursday, December 8, 2011


I've been putzing along these last few days sewing where the muse beats loudest.

I've finished all the main blocks and am playing with creating a worthy border...

and I'm still attaching my Kaffe scraps with the intention of a new set of happy placemats.

When I added that fabulous Alexander Henry "cutting the rug" scrap with neon green background (on the right) my sewing neighbor said it looks like a house and...

some beach cabanas (for a future quilt?!!) were born!!!


I thought about making a new Christmas quilt and...

pulled out my tub of Christmas fabric and looked at some of the lower volume pieces...

 and the higher volume ones, but no new ideas popped forth.

Except that I am putting together a great giveaway, including fabric from this tub for the 
starting December 12th over here:

I do love this one from Christmas past...

Hmm..Christmas...again? already? really?
Christmas, lots of expectations.
I have made up lots of stories about how Christmas SHOULD be. 
Actually, I am learning that I have made up stories for just about every experience. 
We all do. 
Something happens...I create a story..usually one with a possibilty for catastrophe.

I'm tired of negative stories. 

Here's my desk with my book, "How I See Life". I am ripping out the negative stories and throwing them away!!!

Notice that when I get rid of the Negative Book, the Hope Full book is ready!!!!

Come back on the 12th and check out my giveaway and all the other sure to be awesome giveways!!!


  1. Love it Love it Love it.....and you!!

  2. Hi there.... love all of it. And the Kaffe scraps are delicious.