Wednesday, October 30, 2013


pure happiness is...
Freddy Moran!

Here's some pictures
of her forty quilts
on display at Island Quilter on Vashon Island.

Of course,
she is famous for her houses...

and her Lady of Guadeloupe works of art...

whatever the theme,
there is always a vibrant happiness!

I arranged to have Freddy come teach a two day class.
Sixteen lovely and quite creative ladies
gathered at Aunt Mary's
for a simply splendid
soaking in of all Freddy had to offer.

Here's the welcome basket I put together
with some of my precious Freddy scraps!
Also included were bubbles, a happy noise maker,
polka dot pencil, Curly Girl stationery, and tissue.
My husband recently returned from a trip to Guatemala
where he bought some worry dolls, so
I attached one to each basket (in a house of course).
Just in case any lady had a worry...
she would have a way to release it!

Freddy shared some of her ideas on creativity.
I took some notes
and would like to share what I heard her say
(a mix of what she really said with my own memory twist). 

 You think you don't know how to do it,
but you do!
The hardest part is getting started.
So, take the part (block) you like the most...
make a few...
put it on the design wall...
or make some strata...
or just start sewing some pieces of fabric together...
pretty soon...
 the parts (blocks) will start to tell you
what it wants to be...a medallion quilt, a row quilt, etc.

Here's Freddy,
without a ruler,
making a liberated star.

Here's Freddy,
(with Carrol in the background)
talking about contrast
(of course!)
Contrast can be light and dark,
curvy and straight, etc.
contrast can be a difference in mood!
Here she has three bolts she felt conveyed a different mood.

She said it's not only the color,
but the way color is used,
and most importantly,
                  Freddy believes that the success of her quilts
is probably due to color,
because she learned VALUE,
the colors can be seen!
Here's Freddy
searching through the ever generous
Marta's glorious scrap collection.

She demonstrated some of her parts department
and then she demonstrated how she makes her collages.
Collage is her new favorite creative play.
Watch the magic...

Freddy said quilting should be
a total joy
each one of us
has the potential
to find that joy.

I think...
for me...
the best thing about Freddy is that
she is all about 
living life to the fullest
doing what your love
that's a great philosophy
not only for quilting
but also for life!

Friday, October 25, 2013


It all started 
two good friends,
this fabric, 
and a class with Karen Stone.

This is my finished
"Wild Women Don't Get the Blues"...
from Karen's pattern.

It is my entry into 
the always-so-much-fun
Blogger's Quilt Festival

Karen Stone believes 
great quilts
develop from
attention to 
palette development.

Since I had spent two days of class developing my palette...
and falling in love with each choice,
I wasn't quite ready to stop playing...

Even after quilt #2, "Magnificent Madness",
I was compelled to keep playing!

I had a solid piece of green quilted by itself.
Then I had the want-to-be-hexes quilted individually.

I am still in the process of playing...

sometimes with help from a son and difficult dog Fred!

Treat yourself
to a fabulous quilt show
able to be enjoyed in your jammies with a cuppa tea!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 Hugs (Os)...

kisses (Xs)...

single story love...

and multi story love!

Working on liberated love... 

Linking up again!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another?
My oldest is taking a botany class...
which has led to an interest in foraging...
which has led to a trip to a mushroom show.
Who knew?
That there are people just as crazy 
for mushrooms as I am for fabric?!

Besides looking at all the different varieties of mushrooms
and their groovy names...

I started to notice their colors...
whites and creams...

and dark browns...
and even purples!

and how similar they are to my newest finished top...

from Kathy Doughty's latest book.
I am totally loving this book 
and she has a great blog!

The blocks are simple...

and with each one there was this
wonderful feeling of happy surprise
when it was finished.

I dug through my stash...

trying very hard to focus on contrast...

always thinking...
could I get the zippy zig zag to pop?!

Not only were the zig zags fun,
but the lights were fun to work with too.

This is a favorite!
(The last of that great dotted dot!)

A funfunfun project all they way from start to finish!
Which will  indubitably lead me 
to try a new quilt from Kathy's book!
One thing leading to another again...

Linking up with others enamored with this pattern.