Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 How can it already be Wednesday again?

This week I looked 
through some of my way-too-many binders.
I have kept binders 
of ripped out magazine pages for years
(sort of an old school pinterest hobby?!)

I love everything about magazines -
deciding which ones to bring home, 
fantasizing about the break from reality
I will get when I sit on the couch (or hammock)
and read my magazine,
reading through them, 
marking potential pages to rip out, 
ripping out, 
putting in the sleeve,
admiring all my stuffed binders...
full of projects 
I will 
most definitely 
do one day. 

This week I pulled out this clever idea
and declared that it was time to try it.

Here are my 
very easy and fun to make 
fickle flowers!

I was also attracted to this idea...

A place for a fickle flower to live!

I was also compelled to try another
 Mary Lou Weidman cow!

The thing is,
I am not sure who she is,
what she is supposed to do,
or what the cute punny saying will be.

Somehow I was thinking that...
this cow
had learned to dance (with her tutu) in the rain...
like that saying, 

it's not how you weather the storm,
it's how you dance in the rain.

Not sure...
any ideas?

linking up again!

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  1. I had to laugh about your binders, It reminded me of Mitt Romney and this binder full of women remark.

  2. Ha ha, I am pleased to know other people collect stuff too...and not touch it for a long long while... Not keen on the cow, but pincushion looks nice.

  3. Those flowers are so cute!! The pincushion is so cool! I love the hole in the middle. That flower looks so happy in there. The cow block makes me laugh, the tutu is perfect!!

  4. I really like those flowers and your cow is brilliant! I love her :)

  5. Cow could be called "Green with jersey". Hey please teach me to make those flowers when I come...I want a bouquet for spring!