Friday, January 31, 2014


I'm still working on this quilt
that I am going to use for a future class.
In the beginning of the process, my youngest son
was bothered 
by the proportion of the sail boat to the fishes.
He said the fishes looked like whales
and he suggested the boat might be a toy sail boat in a fountain.
That got me thinking...
and playing...
with a hint
of a "real" size sail boat on the far right...
I am really enjoying the process of this one!

I am inspired by Jan Mullen's patterns.
I LOVE her! 
I think she was one of the many
pre-improv ladies.

Another pre-improv lady was
my first quilter crush  
Mary Lou Weidman!
I was a beginner quilter
desperately seeking
a fun way to quilt
when I discovered her book
Everyday Angels in Extraordinary Quilts.
(I was so nervous/excited 
in my first class with her 
that I got hives!)

I sent this card to Mary Lou.
It's her birthday!
For the outside border
I used all the slivers 
that get cut off when I slice a 1/2 yard into fat quarters!

If I get a choice in what I get to do...
I sew!
Some days I am a substitute teacher
longing for time to sew...
I started working one day a week at a fabulous quilt shop
called Calico Creations.
I know what you are thinking...
it could be dangerous 
to be surrounded by all that luscious fabric...
it wasn't...
for the first five days...
and then...

A very cute and funny customer 
came in and bought some of this
and I thought, 
I want  need some of that too!"

Then I ruminated on these two
that I had been eyeing...

And then...
I just had to have this pattern!
Not my usual choice, 
but maybe it's time
to try a pattern with lots of parts
and take my time?!

Here's some from my stash...

and some more from the Calico Creations...

and more stash...
and more from Calico Creations!!

I made my first block today!
I am having some issues,
but I've emailed the designer
and I show you how
the next blocks go.
So exciting to be inspired 
and itching to sew and sew and sew!

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  1. I love your novelty fabrics--as you know, my stash is heavy with them, too. I am still using "paper" scraps for now; but am planning on getting back to quilts soon....hugs, Julierose