Tuesday, January 21, 2014


 This weekend I had my 
Liberated Love class!
I love to watch ladies break out of their box
and try piecing without a pattern!
love love 
when ladies come back 
to try some more!

Often scary
even causing minor heart palpitations(true story!)
always worth the struggle!
It's literally liberating!
(often times on more than just  the quilting level)

This past week
three creative gals
shared their finished quilts
from previous classes!

Here's a Summer Solstice
from Karla Alexander's book Stack the Deck  Revisited.

Isn't that a wild and yummy back?!

Here's some chilliscious snowflakes!

And here's a cheerful scraptastic quilt
from the book the Scrap Republic.

What have I been doing?
More pincushions!
I like to give a little present 
to the wonderful quilters that come to my classes.
It gives me an opportunity to try out all the little ideas
I have been collecting hoarding.
This is the present for the Scraptastic class
this Saturday at Calico Creations. 

(If I cover the whole porch with
will it distract from the moss and leaves?!)

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