Wednesday, January 8, 2014


a "real" beach on the Pacific Ocean, 
not a Puget Sound Beach.
Puget Sound beaches are fine, 
but they don't
make my soul sing the same way.

I used to joke that I ended up living here,
 in the Pacific Northwest,
 because I had been wishing for islands and beaches.
Now I've clarified the wish
 to include
 tropical weather,
palm trees,
and shell encrusted soft sand beaches! 

All that said,
Seaside and
Cannon Beach
on the Oregon Coast
are wonderful
wide and flat stretches
of clean sand
and beauty!

Cannon Beach has a superb quilt shop 
called Center Diamond
right next to a fabulous
glass blowing studio/gallery.
I used to take the kids here when they were little
and often wonder if that is why
my oldest is now glass blowing.

We lucked out with
very low tides
warmish 50 degree weather
not much sun but also

a dream house!

Seaside Brewing
had fine burgers
great service
and this most delightful philosophy!

I've been taking some art classes 
at our local community college.
In the last class,
we had a section on 
surreal art
and I found Magritte's works
to be 
fun, light hearted, and curious.

This particular work
references the idea
that the goal of painting realistically
was no longer a goal 
because the artist is not recreating a realistic pipe
the artist is creating a painting of a pipe!
since I am only creating 
a quilt of a cow...

This idea brings me to my WIP.
A Mary Lou Weidman cow
from her book Out of the Box with Easy Blocks.
(a great relaxed easy to follow pattern)

I need to add some face
with big eye lashes?!
and the words 
"This is not a cow".
So much fun,
I feel another cow in my future.

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Check out what other creativity is out there!


  1. I love the cow, it looks great. I especially love that it is wearing a hat! What a fun quilt!

  2. It IS moovelous! I love it! So fun. :)

  3. Love your "Moo"gritte cow. Fun! Hugs, Julierose

  4. I love your cow and the philosophy behind it! In fact I've been having a good browse through lots of your projects and I love lots of them!

  5. THANKS for the wonderful comment Sally, I tried to email you, but it's not linked up. Thanks for the fun comments!