Sunday, May 8, 2011


On March 6th I blogged about unlearning all the black and white rules I have in my life. As I practice stepping back and seeing the truth of what is really happening, I am amazed to see how often I create a story about what is happening based on my strict definitions of what is "right" and what is "wrong".
A "good" mom does this....a "good" son behaves this way...a "good" woman would look like this...only a "bad" person would do that.


On this Mother's Day, I give myself a gift - celebrating what is

 Whatever is what it is

without all the black and white boxes of "good" and "bad"

I have started a new workbook

In the workbook, the authors state, "This book cannot perform its magic until you throw yourself into the pot of mindfulness and begin cooking yourself. You are at the same time the recipe and the meal and the cook; the authors your loyal and caring sous-chefs. You can regulate the heat according to your capacity at any given time, in order to modulate your engagement as appropriate. When you show up completely in the moment, the practice of these pages will come alive. You may discover that they will stand you in good stead and wake you up in all your moments to the possibilities of healing, self-compassion, and compassion for others within even the darkest and most difficult circumstances."

Here I am!!! in a pot of mindfulness with the tools I need - binoculars on my necklace to see the truth more easily, a brush to rewrite the stories I create, and, of course, a magic wand!
I am thinking my intention, "I choose to live in a world without boxes of black and white. It is as it is."
 It is a life with ROOM FOR A SPLASH OF COLOR! (Thanks to Lori's inspirational comment on the March 6th posting.)


  1. Beautiful, thoughtful, & insightful post! It reminds me of Dorothy in the land of Oz--everything in color and she, so full of wonder. I like the way you've turned up the flames of creativity--you're on your way to a boil!!

  2. Oh my you are right on!! You are such a blessing!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!
    Love you dearly,