Thursday, May 19, 2011


The fun with new sewing friends continued over three luxurious days!

Here we are in our tees for the second day. I made them and just so Mary Lou knows that all #1 fans are not created equal, at the bottom of my #1 is a little bead that says "A" and Sue's says "B". hee-hee

Here's Mary Lou sewing and Sue trying to earn brownie points by ironing for her. Hmmmm...

Mary Lou shared lots of spectacular quilts!

She had us cut free hand a picture she drew. A little intimidating, but it showed that sometimes cutting is easier than drawing. Interesting.

Here's Mary Lou's Flower Power extravaganza!

A container quilt

Her quilt that won a blue ribbon at APNQ!

Here's me and Sue on day three in yet another kiss-up-to-Mary-Lou tee!

A cheddar shirt, cheddar being Mary Lou's favorite color, with dancing crows and cherries, cherries are another Mary Lou favorite.

Lots of talk about "light giver" fabrics making quilts "pop". A light giver fabric has a light, medium, and dark value all in one print. This was one of my favorites. SO MUCH going on and GREAT EMBELLISHMENTS!

Hoochy Mama block piles were growing.

Here's sexy sophisticated Pat and one of her blocks. She had a fabulous collection of batiks.

Here was the newest and quietest quilter. She's just started quilting and was beaming pride and happiness with her too cute bird!!!

more blocks

I often get so caught up in the excitement of being with THE Mary Lou and the happiness of being with friends that I don't end up producing that much. However, I really like what I started and look forward to finishing, so I can embellish.
That's one of the joys of this type of quilt, the anticipation of the unknown yet to come!!!! interesting correlation can be made to life too..looking forward to embellishing the moments.


  1. I love love love the fun that is to be had in these photos!!! Stephanie, can you believe that I was supposed to be at this retreat and we would have met!!!!! Mary Lou contacted me about payment and I had forgotten I had committed and had a conflict with my husband's golf tournament. We were so close to meeting!!!!!! I am hoping for next year....

  2. AAAWWEEEEESOme! You and Sue rock. I hope Mary Lou appreciated your thoughtful enthusiasm! Pictures are fabulous! thank you so much!!!