Sunday, May 22, 2011


The art of blogging has become quite an emotional journey for me.

As my quilting has become increasingly an outlet for focus on intention so has my blog.

As I wake up more and more in the moment my ideas of what to blog have provided a great outlet for reflection. 

An wonderfully delightful added bonus is the new friends I am starting to make! I am thriving on these new connections to like minded strong and free spirited creative souls

This last week, I received a surprise from Em over at!

She is indescribably oozing with positive energy!!

It streams right out of her postings and into my heart!!

With her permission and LOTS of gratitude, here is her surprise...



  1. Love your description of blogging and the friendships made through the blogging journey. I too was the receipient of an Em Celebrates gift, so I know how special it is. Enjoy!

  2. Also, can't wait to see your dahlias.

  3. Isn't that wallhanging darling! Em is the best! I love her positive energy!

  4. Stephanie, You are such a dear! Reading your post brings a tear to my eye as I recall and will never forget the night I was emailing you......And to see that 2 of my favorite blog friends have visited you and left comments is a reminder of this grand connection we all have!!!! LOVE to you, Missy! I hope this posts this afternoon, my earlier try was to no avail. Em

  5. You've been touched by the good fairy, have you?! That Em is just a chocolate sundae with awesome sauce on top!! Congrats on owning an Em original!!

  6. darling! you do know that you're a no-reply blogger, right? of course if you win my giveaway i know where to find you, but everyone else will just delete the comment. go here for directions on how to change that (i have an email box specifically for my blog and that's it!)

  7. darling!!!!!! As a matter of fact, you willl be shocked to know, that I DIDN'T know all THAT!!! And you are sooooo kind to have noticed! As of this moment I am a YES REPLY blogger! Ahhhh....wonder what else I am missing? MANY THANKS for your help!