Thursday, May 26, 2011


Since life is sublime and I listen to the whispers (did you watch the last Oprah??) of my authentic self, I am off to take a five day class with Ruth McDowell in Kalispell, Montana.

Taking care of my needs so there will be a positive ripple effect (thanks Em) of good energy for my family is a new way of thinking for me.

Em posted a picture from her new favorite book and mentioned bells.


My focus is that I'm moving toward something good

always from a place of love

no longer from a place of fear

Bells on a bag I made for my son to carry in Japan
with lots of bells he collected at shrines and stores.
We were told the noise of the bell wards off evil spirits.

no need for stories of impending doom

joining together with friends (the dinner bell my husband's beloved grandma used to call dinnertime)

Here's me - peaceFULLy ringing my bells.
I am here on this planet practicing
allowing whatever happens to happen
because I am learning that no matter how hard I spin,
I cannot control life
I now have trust and faith that the universe wants to fill my days with good
new places
fabulous quilt classes
good friends
a family able to care for themselves for a week
a loveable meRINGING MY BELLS in joyous celebration of ALLOWING


  1. Oh my goodness you are on it hit the nail on the head!!! I am honored to be part of your journey!! Watch out world here she comes!!!

  2. mucho fabuloso!! Your mind works just like Em's--you two are quite a quilting/inspirational duo & I'm happy to know you both!! And I saw your smiling face with strata flowers over at Mary Lou's blog--your flowers are AMAZING! oh i'm still jealous!