Thursday, January 5, 2012


Cheers to 2012!

Thinking about love (my love shack)...

and more love and...

"lettingo"  - on the wing of a bird on a pretty magic wand.

One word.

My "word-for-the-year" is lettingo.

It makes me happy and brighter (and lighter)  just to think about lettingo.

(bird was inspired by an article in the latest Quilting Arts magazine)

Always...thoughts of the beach! Oh how I love that beachy feeling! 
I made "new" light, medium, and dark fabric from some Kaffe and used these pieces 
 to make a beach scene with sand, water, sky, shack, and palm tree.
(inspired by Edrica Huws' book Patchwork Pictures.)

Besides thinking about love and lettingo, I want to make more fun little projects this year. I have been sewing lots of the hexes, so I having a special place for the process was a good project to start.

It gave me a chance to use a bit of each fabric my boys picked out for Christmas.

Three big pockets for each stage of a hex.


I especially like that I used this big bead that was on a necklace I impulsively bought at Houston and have never worn. I put the necklace around the whole book and laid it in the middle.

On the outside, the necklace string gave me a place to tie on these polka dot strips.

On the inside,  I wrapped some floss and used the floss to sew the necklace down.

For the next project...Good fortune is waiting!

What's your word or project you'd like to make this year?


  1. Wow, you have been busy. I love your word-for-the-year. I might have to give it a try.

  2. My word is Healing inside and out!! I love your notebook and small projects!!! Seems you are on the right path....

  3. I really love the beach quilt, its so beautiful! It captures the esscence of a sunny day. Your hexagon pouch is a work of art in itself, I'm sure many amazing things will be produced from its pockets. Lettingo is a great word. I haven't been able to grasp a word yet. Chinese New Year is my preferred year beginning, maybe my word will come to me around then.