Thursday, January 26, 2012


Someone said there is no better time to start than the present, 
I shared in my last post that 
I am intending to giveaway ten quilts this year and here is the front of #1

and the back of this baby quilt my husband took to Mexico for a friend's first baby.

two quilts for my nieces totally quilted, bound, and sent!

OK, so Sarah likes pink and Lucy likes purple...
not really...
turns out Aunt Stephanie (me) should read emails more carefully, 
because Lucy likes light blue
Sarah's second quilt (fourth to be given away) in the box (a quilt that has been sitting on a shelf for a very long time and begged to be used by a little girl) looks like this...

and Aunt Stephanie (me) will be forced (hee-hee) to make another (light blue) quilt!!!

Another quilt patiently waiting to be used and not stored on a shelf is this one...
now happily living with the delightful daughter of son #2's bowling coach! This mom was a wonderful coach through twenty eight official bowling matches and numerous practices...
which paid off because the team is off to the state bowling tournament!
(Did you even know there was a state high school bowling tournament?)

Another action I intend to do this year is have a de-stash giveaway each month.

As January is quickly coming to an end...
here are the choices for this month...
 (oops - I promise to adjust the brightness on the camera for next month's giveaway):

cluster of black and whites

second cluster of black and whites

Soiree charm pack

Taza jelly roll

How to win? One son will pick four random numbers based on how many people leave a comment sharing what smell they like best. 

Why smell?

Son #1 is reading Diane Ackerman's book A History of the Senses for his first college class, English 101, and I picked it up and fell in love!! 
What a wonderful book! 
I have only read the part on smell, but I am already becoming more sense aware which totally helps to keep me in the moment - my life goal!

OK, I digress...
leave a comment telling us your favorite smell
become a follower for an extra chance
current followers are hugged dearly and will also get a second chance
share the giveaway with others for a third chance about this...if someone you told about this giveaway wins - you will win a yummy yard of fabric!!!
Winners will be picked on the evening (pacific time) Tuesday January 31, 2012
Of course, lovely people from far away places can play too! 


  1. I totally don't need any more fabric but who can resist these goodies? Alright, so, my favorite smell is a candle called "mom's kitchen" and it is homemade by a gal who lives in Sandwich. It smells like warm butter and caramel. unbelievably delicious. oh, mama!!

  2. The smell of Shalimar Perfume reminds me of my mom. She died 6 years ago, but I still have the bottle she kept on her dresser. Just taking a whiff of it bring back memories of a Mothers love.

  3. Plumeria. If it's the real flower, woohoo, I'd be warm & in Hawaii. The perfume-close my eyes & I'm there! Thanks for the giveaway Steph!

  4. I love the smell of bleach being added to the laundry, it reminds me of my childhood and laundry day at gramma's when she had an old wringer washer, I find joy that my sister also has the same memory when she smells bleach. Clean, fresh and gramma's love.

  5. Follower-check Shared on Facebook-check

  6. I love the smell of freshly baked bread and sweet peas!

  7. Okay I vote for Duff. I want to smell that smell of hers....It sounds like heaven!! Also my Dad's nickname for my Mom was Duff so if you draw my name send it to Duff in honor of my Dad.
    Oh yea I love the smell of new babies and puppy breath!! I know I am weird but ya got to love me just the same!!

  8. Hi Stephanie! I am just getting in on this giveaway in the nick of time! I love the smell of vanilla, but I also agree with mcm above, and the smell of bleach in the laundry brings back lots of pleasant memories. Gonna have to look that book up! Thanks for the giveaway!