Monday, January 23, 2012


I LOVE the often humorous blog written by the fabulous Duff 
She has been a wonderfully supportive blog friend (see groovy Mexican skull on the side bar...she carried this fragile and heavy surprise all the way back from her vacation for me!!!) 

Since I would follow her anywhere (and I most definitely mean ANYWHERE, 
but, in case she is reading this,  I would prefer Fiji)
I am entering (just like Duff did) 

VeryBerryHandmade wants to know my sewing resolutions for 2012.
Interesting, because I have been working in this cute notebook

to list 101 intentions I have for the new year.
"resolution" means a firm decision
"intention" is a plan
I like the idea of having a plan
I don't need firmness. 
I am open to the notion that I may not exactly accomplish what is on my list.
Along the way to the fruition of the original idea 
other possibilities may arise
I am trusting!!!

It's a lot harder than I thought. 
I am up to 53. 
I am delving deep. 
WHAT do I REALLY want? 

Perhaps to help my middle son achieve one of his daredevil goals like a flying lesson or parachute jump, to go away with just my husband, to reinstate a game night, to color, to only go to the grocery store twice a week, to read two biographies, to set a fancy table for dinner most nights...

What about specific SEWING INTENTIONS?

1. To make a heart a day 

2. To make a trip-around-the-world quilt
3. To give away ten quilts
4. to "wake up" when shopping and mostly buy only to supplement a current quilt project
5. To take a class with a "big name" quilter - Susan Shie? Karen K.Stone? Laura Wasilowski? Someone I don't even know I love yet?
6. To enter a quilt show
7. To have a de-stash giveaway each month (Don't you just love giveaways?!)
8. To make a collage on my blog
9.To make a Swoon quilt 
10. To make a Bottled Rainbow quilt 
11. To take advantage of the word "mostly" in #4 and get a fat quarter pack of Denise Schmidt's 

Flea Market Fancy –  NEW legacy reprint! the new collection

12. To make a "little" once a week with the theme of "fun"
13. To go to a BIG quilt show - Paducah? Houston? Birmigham, England?!! Alsace, France??!!
14. To find some more friends to sew with

This is the beginning. I am practicing awareness...being in the moment.
What makes me happy? 
What is fun for me?
What are my intentions in life? more specifically in sewing?
I've got a good start...
The possibilities are endless!!!

"I dwell in possibilty." - Emily Dickinson 

Thanks for being here! 

Make sure you go to 
join the giveaway
read the comments
get inspired to make your own resolutions and/or intentions!!!


  1. Aww, thanks! Fiji sounds good. REaaaallly good right now. I like your idea of intentions as opposed to resolutions. say, what are you going to do with 365 hearts? I hope you win in the giveaway!! (don't' forget to add a comment with a link to your post. I almost did)

  2. Your resolutions sound very ambitious. I hope you achieve at least half of them!