Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Woke up with this view through my sewing window - 4 inches of snow with more on the way!

Took a walk and...

had some fun...

just like I created earlier in my "little" quilt for January! 
A few of us are going to make a little quilt (around 8x11) every month of 2012. 
My theme is "fun". 

Judy, http://wildirishrowsquilting.blogspot.com/ had this 70s crafty book on her table and I just had to make my own version...

a Kaffe Kreature!

I did a lot of playing/sorting/fondling/dreaming this week. 

Pink was calling...

I LOVE this line from Kathy Davis...

Maybe with some of these...

Then I found this pink polka dot...

and went in a completely different direction!

Still working on my geese quilt...

with the scraps I have played and made this...

I also have no this growing pile of half square triangles.

Speaking of growing piles! 
These silly little hexes are VERY addicting!

Started this idea - reds and purple!

Lastly, here's a peak at a brand new-new project. I LOVE these colors together! AND it's old old Jan Mullen fabric!!! On Pinterest I even have a whole "tangerine frolics with aqua" board! (I suppose this is technically orange and turquoise, but who is checking??)

That's it for this week. Off to playand seek out some more fun...in snow and with fabric!


  1. Wow, you have a lot of interesting projects on the go. Can't wait to see the finished quilts!

  2. I love Jan Mullins! I think I have that orange one! I made some pillows this week using the black and white scraps you sent me. I will post it soon and let you know. Thanks again!
    Good luck with your playing!

  3. I love you snow picture!! I like thinking of you playing....snow or fabric it is all fun! You are moving forward!!

  4. Hope you had a great snow day, love Jan Mullins fabric too, go figure!