Saturday, January 14, 2012


in THIS moment...
what is happening?
lovely stories!
maybe even no story!
A kind and supportive universe!
I just have to be aware...
in THIS moment... 
 Practice, practice, practice...
feeling joyFULL in the beauty of the storyless moments and look what happened this week...

Amazing "junk" mail from Martha Stewart

Another piece of "junk" mail from a new magazine called Mindful (really!)

Why, yes, thank you, I am practicing having a nicer and nicer dream!

Caught this gorgeous sunrise...

and a day later, this gorgeous sunset!

In Stanwood, WA I saw this great sign at a cute shop...

and was in awe as hundreds of snow geese flew over head (geese remind one of the sacredness of the circle of life...thank you!)


When something happens, big or small, I get a thought. Here's an example.

"That guy cut me off."

Then, I make up a story. One reoccurring theme for me is judgement.

"He cut me off. I am driving slow. Probably too slow. He probably thinks I am an idiot. I bet he wouldn't like me. He probably hates me. He thinks I am a terrible driver. I always drive slow. I must always be terrible."

The stories lead to ugly feelings -  bad, sad, angry, stuck.

And then these feelings lead to something physical. Headache, upset stomach, trouble sleeping, brownie devouring time.

A year ago, I wan't even aware of ALL THESE STORIES flying around in my head NONSTOP and ALL DAY LONG! 


It was exhausting. I was always tired.

NOW, I am practicing awareness and lettingo.

What if...

right when I got the very first thought
and I said to myself,
"Oh yeah, he cut you off, you probably think he thinks you are an idiot because you often feel judged. Feeling judged goes way back to grade school for you. You are driving fine. You are an adult now, not in grade school. What that guy thinks doesn't matter. Wish him as much love and peace as you wish for yourself. 

Then, no bad feeling AND no physical ailment has a chance to get started ( no brownie needs eating!)...

What if, 
thoughts were like clouds passing by, and there was always an inner stillness?!

That's me! Feeling calm and still, on a hill of flowers, as the thoughts (little and big swirly pink ones) pass by.


  1. You are growing and changing into you!! It is so amazing to see.... Love it!!

  2. I used to take on thoughts like that too. Over time, I've realized that most people are doing what they want, without much thought to you. So, in this case, I would say: OH, he's just found out that someone he loves is in the hospital so he's rushing there; OH, he's angry at the world and feels safe expressing his anger because it's not face-to-face, no one can actually punch his lights out out right now; OH, he's attempting to overcome his feelings of insecurity and self-hatred by cutting off other people. If I feel anything, it's a prayer that this person will find his or her way to happiness and peace.

    thanks for the ride to seeing all the positive in life today!!

  3. You are beautiful and inspiring.