Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today was spent in a class with Gwen Marston!!!
She has written many books,
but for me (and Sue)
the initial thrill was that she wrote

Product Details
Product Details

with Freddy Moran!!!
(and you know how much we LOVE Freddy!)

Wonderfully, Gwen not only taught a fun class but was a very fun person herself!
I can see why her and Freddy make such a great pair.
I think it's possible that Sue and I have room in our heart for Gwen!

This class was based on the premise that you can free yourself
from lots of time and creative issues
by making small doll size quilts.
I like this idea.
Gwen has made over 400 since 1981!

I started out making parts...

and had this piece by the end of class.
Gwen suggested I work on the border
as she has noticed that Amish quilts never have symetrical
divisions of the border.

not a favorite...

Gwen shared a bunch of her quilts
(the one off to the left)
and Sue got busy with her own interpretation.

A highlight of this class
was finally meeting Em from !!!!!
She has been a most fabulously supportive connection in Blogland
and today we began what will become a fun "real life" bond.

Here we are finally sewing together!

I also met the very nice Sharon from
who makes FABULOUS quilts like this one.

How nice to spend a day with happy positive ladies 
creatively sewing,
and relaxing into the joy in every moment! 


  1. Oh! I am so jealous! That sounds like a fun, fun day!

  2. I'm jealous too! What a wonderful day to make memories together!!

  3. Looks like you had a great day! Minis are so rewarding, and so quick to finish. And what fun to meet so many wonderful women.