Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I'm trying something new this week and hooking up with the totally cute blog Freshly Pieced
and her Work In Progress Wednesday link.

A sea collage is what is currently up on my design wall 
and I LOVE it!

I am cutting and glue sticking  using fabric from Jennifer Sampou's Color Rhthym
and will raw edge the whole thing.
I am having so much fun with the creating and the imagining of being in there,
in this quilty sea,
with all that peace and color!

I am also creating a support army for my dear friend "H" who is in need
of rallying love while she battles cancer.

I am up to 25 little pins!
"H" is getting a kick out of passing them out 
and everyone just loves wearing them!

Since I shared a picture of the most deliciously fattening chocolate shake is a recent post
and then lamented how it was time for a long overdue doctor check up...
I wanted to share that I am continuing to work on my physical self 
and indulged  in...
a frozen yogurt with fruit from Red Mango.
It was quite yummy!

I leave you with this thought, 
from Aldous Huxley's book, Island
which pertains directly to the biggest idea I am ALWAYS working on,
being present in the moment,

In order to help the islanders remain in the present, 
the wild birds that are all over the island,
are trained to say,
"Here and now, boys. Here and now, boys."
Everywhere you go, a bird is chirping a reminder!


It's all we really have on this glorious Wednesday...

Here and now, quilters! Here and now!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I love the cancer-killing pins! Awesome idea, your friend must feel so supported :) I love your blog - great photos (really love all the dahlias!) and a beautiful spirit shining through.

  2. Your Team H pins are brilliant! 2 thumbs up & a big hug!

  3. You have such a fabulous style! So unique and personal. Your Team H pins crack me up--I especially love the one with the glasses. Go Team H!

  4. I love the Team H badges, what a great idea!! The yoghurt looks delicious!!

  5. Maybe we can all make a 12" block with the Team H theme, your pins are so cute I can just see them as a quilt for H.