Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I can't believe another week has gone by!
School is almost out,
with my youngest finishing his last year in elementary school.
The principal has had one or more of my boys for the last eight years, so....
of course...
she needs a quilt!

Here's the pattern I settled on
 from the book Modern Blocks by Susanne Woods.
I think it was supposed to be just one block,
but I made it a lap quilt.
I really like how super easy and but fun it was to make
as I used lots of different Kaffe.
My youngest is holding it right before I passed it on to Judy for another magical quilting.

I am trying another modern-like pattern
with yummy Lotta Jansdotter fabric.
I think the next strip on the right will be the word

The fabric is dandelions and dandelion seeds.
I seem focused on the beautiful idea that all around us
are these opportunities
to wish...
just close your eyes and blow...
and imagine...
whatever you want...

Wishing away is what I have been doing!
Stating my intentions and following through with action too.

I am leaving soon
on a tour of southern Ireland
and the International Irish Quilt Festival!!!!

I read that you shouldn't ask the Irish if they believe in leprechauns.
Doesn't matter...
I do!
(My leprechaun is holding a passport!)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. I love the little leprechaun quilt, and that sweet dog is doing a very good job of modeling that quilt!

  2. Great quilt for teacher..the Irish Quilt festival--wow--really neat!! Have a super time!!Julierose

  3. Everything is look great. Love those HSTs!!

  4. Have a great time in Ireland. I have a few friends going, but unfortunately I am not. If you see a crazy quilter taking pictures of my farmer's wife blocks, you will know she is a friend of mine. lol.
    The quilts all look wonderful. What a lucky teacher to be receiving one of your lovely creations!

  5. What a fun quilt for teacher. I hope you have a great time in Ireland.