Monday, May 28, 2012


This week
I continued working on going through my fabric
and cutting strips and two inch squares.
Here's my orange collection.
I continue to really enjoy this creating of a palette.

I took my oldest to the new Chihuly Glass Garden
at the Seattle Center for a 17th birthday experience.
(yikes! 17!)
(for the wonderFULLness of a day spent enjoying each other's company
AND for the wonderFULLness of the glass art.)

Here's our reflection
with the Space needle
in an ORANGE ball from the garden.

I had to play with ORANGE!
(I am dancing with joy holding THE orange key).

Here's a stunning chandelier in GREEN!

Which made me think of my GREEN...

and Ireland!

Someone told me that I will be shocked not only by all the green
but also by all the shades that green comes in.
I just want to see a castle and a sheep.
(and a green cloud and a leprechaun and a fairy!)

A favorite was this Persian Ceiling

and the boat filled with POLKA DOTS!


I felt so inspired by all the bright bold big color!!!

Ultimately, whatever happens happens.
That's my motto.


Here's me sitting peaceFULLy by the river
NOT getting caught up in all the stories (leaves)
just letting them gently float by.
BEEing in the moment
coming froma  place of LOVE.

meangadh (smile in Irish!)


  1. Saol, Grá, Gáire (life, love, laughter)

    enjoy yourself!

  2. Amazing post!!!!! Love, Em