Monday, January 24, 2011


I have been challenged to pick a word to celebrate each day for the next seven days. As I stared at my newly serviced Juki sewing machine with love and awe and contiplated celebrating all the happiness it brings me, a jar of buttons caught my eye and a twinkle of an idea began to grow.

I LOVE my collection of buttons. I am a collector. Collecting brings me great joy. I often think it must go back to cavewoman days when herbs needed gathering while caveman did the hunting (or whatever it was caveman did). I bet every cavewoman loved, fondled, and often played with her collection of herbs.

Today I celebrate the word "collection".

Some play with my button collection

Would spring ever come? I worked through some glum feelings with my blue buttons.

(some) fabric


Polka dots

More polka dots

Sometimes one collection leads to another collection...polka dots on a lizard

Lots of polka dot largartos from Mexico...crawling on the walls in the boys' lego collection room

While we are thinking of boys...I LOVED collecting the old Fisher Price Little People. When the boys were little, I even went to Toy Fest at the Fisher Price Headquarters in New York to meet other collectors. Way too much fun was had by bthe boys (and me too)! 

Every one of these Little People are different! I took this picture, had them live in a box for ten years while the boys played with their Little People, and only just last year finally opened the box and let them go..into Lego Land..where a Little Person needs to beware of the occassional guillotines :) 

My husband, Jim, often travels to Latin America. I have finally trained him to BUY STUFF!! We now have a very happy collection of textile art. 

These are arpilleras from Peru

The piece on the left is from South Africa, and the piece on the right is made entirely from butterfly wings! It is from Brazil. In the middle is a mola from Panama.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my collections. I wonder what word will float to the top tomorrow???  


  1. I love your 'collections' Stephanie....I love your collection of fabric in the closet...and your FP people...I see you have the 'grandma'..I love her...and your much candy for the eye. Thank you for sharing your joy of collecting.

  2. What a fun collection! Can you ever have too much fabric? Is there a point when people start calling you a hoarder. Personally I don't think so, mine has it's own 10x10 shed.

  3. wheeee, so much fun! love that you've got your husband trained to buy you textile art. There's a book called Collector's Style (available used or at library) from Better Homes and Gardens that I think you'd really like. It's very eclectic and fun.