Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The geese are back!

Geese remind us of the sacred circle of life. It also reminds us of traveling to distant places - breaking free from one place to move to a new place in our lives. Move forward out of the rut. How?

In chapter two of The Joy Diet by Martha Beck she outlines several steps for getting in touch with the TRUTH. I have been trying her exercise every day this week  and it is POWERFULLY ENLIGHTENING!After I was still (for what felt like an eternity, but was probably 57 seconds!) I asked my self, "How do you feel?" I felt sad and under the sad was scared.  Then I asked, "What is the story you are telling your self around this feeling?" We can't make it without my mom. "Is this the truth?" No, actually while experiencing grief quite powerfully, we all made it through this first month just fine. "So, can you change your story to reflect the TRUTH?" As a matter of fact, I can!!!! :)

I finally really understand the saying - The truth can set you free. I CAN CHOOSE TO LET GO of the story that is not working any more!

Letting go with peace and love

I made my mom a great bird house quilt that hung on her front door for ten years. Her peep hole poked through the hole of the bird house. Cute. Last week, I cut out a house shape from the extremely faded original quilt and stitched in several outlines of houses - representing how I had seen our relationship differently over the years. I tied this house with peace and love balloons, stiching "letting go" along the strings. This past weekend, in light marker, I wrote my mom a long letter in between the raindrops, mostly sharing my gratitude for her being my mom and our Gram. I am intent on letting go the false stories a little girl created once upon a time to make sense of her chatic world. There is no blame only forgiveness.


Once I read somewhere that people go around and around revisiting the same problems again and again on the path the path towards enlightenment. Hopefully, each time you "circumambulate", go around again, you are a little higher on the path. I like that idea. This time, as I revisit the grieving process, focused on the TRUTH, with false dramatic stories released, I am finding some peace.

Tonya Ricucci has a very creative, original fun new book out called Word Play. I LOVE it! (And it has a forward written by Gwen Marston who is best quilting buddies with my Freddy Moran!!!) I was inspired to make a quilt to help me not get overwelmed by the big picture. When the big picture is scary, I need to refocus on the TRUTH..which is that I only have this moment..and IN THIS MOMENT THERE IS PEACE!!

The truth

What is the truth in your life? Any stories not working for you? Share???


  1. I am so very proud of you...look at what you are doing....I am so impressed (your Mom would be too and thankful) I want to be like you when I grow up!!!

  2. I agree with Sue. You are a truly amazing girl with a beautiful mind! I love the way you see things.

  3. Nice word quilt........
    I hope you have many peaceful hours making quilts.

    Happy sewing

  4. I love the sentiment and peacefulness of the Peace words. very lovely and congrats on your first letters.