Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Fantastically fun pin my mom bought for me at the University Craft Fair in Seattle

Symbolism from the movie The Wizard of Oz is powerful.

If there was somewhere over the rainbow...I would be barefoot on a warm shell encrusted tropical island!

The reality is that I have been trying for years to push my wheel of life out of the rut in the grass  onto the yellow brick road! (notice my shoes?)

In 2008 I made this self portrait. The story I used to tell was that I was trying to hang onto my lid/stuff down life. I have on one practical mom type shoe ruby red slipper!

So, in the movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy discovers she had the power to create the reality she wanted all along. She didn't need the wizard after all.  She just had to click her ruby red slippers and state her intention.

I am learning that I have the power in me!

 Yes, a blender takes in lots of stuff...and...has the create something delicious!
That's much better! 

You have power too! Want to borrow my ruby red slippers?

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  1. Uhm, what size are those slippers? I think I need to wear them for awhile!